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Nov 13, 2012 2:00am EST
marine purity city could go to quantico and they will get you in good shape. i had to do both boot camps and -- in one summer. i then went back and graduated in joined the marine corps. it was the most defining experience of my life. i have all intention of staying in three years and getting out. as i got involved with the people in the leadership and the mission of the marine corps and what we're doing for the country and just the experience itself, i decided to stay. it was a great opportunity for me to serve the country. what i learned from that experience is everyone that you meet in the military and the country has something to offer. everyone has something to offer. everyone is capable of doing something. you are more capable of doing more than what you expect to can do. i always say that we always raise the bar higher. that was some of the experiences. people are extraordinary. the young marines were exceptional all through my career. >> your younger days were a bit different. i read that you grep up in iowa. you worked at a subway sandwich shop. >> i did. i was a stand which arti
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
't work together for anything for a time to announce a policy been adopted, the city greece and other countries in the periphery of europe, a policy of austerity that forces people into poverty, it forces them to lose their jobs, smes are getting. they don't have any future, and they're not going to succeed. austerity kills. some of my members from my group have got that message across to you before this mean. and i would refer you to the social rights and committee of the council, the council of your. it suggested a number of measures on a member and where they infringed the social charter. that is one of the claims for the minimum wage, for those under 25. it's also one of the measures is also the extension of the time period for a redundancy. there are further measures you talked about increasing working time. you've overseen cutbacks in wages, and that's where i would urge you to put an end to these policy. because they are nothing to do with, they don't lead to success if you cut wages. it doesn't succeed. and that is not to be used as an argument for these reforms but it's not r
Nov 14, 2012 7:30am EST
. streaming video from the 63rd annual national book awards in new york city and red carpet interviews with nonfiction. all online live today at 6 p.m. eastern. and add your comments on evening at spent now the head of the federal trade commission, jon liebowitz. he spoke for half hour at "the wall street journal" ceo council meeting. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> one of the business community has generally embraced, called do not track which would allow consumers to opt out of third party tracking if they wanted to. it's a much more moderate approach and say that the you what they're debating, whether to allow any sort of collection of information at all. and if so to do it on an opt in approach. this would be opt out. >> used it at the white house in favor and crafted to do with the online advertising community about do not track to everyone that hoped this deal would be done. i think probably fair to say it is faltering a bit. i'm a little more optimistic. but whether it will be done by the end of the. >> i think this has been a process in which we are
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
national security threats. it's not a theoretical. it has already been levied against certain cities to block them out. it has already been used, as my co-panelist mentioned, as a prelude, the shock troops before the russians invaded estonia and georgia. this is a bipartisan issue. you have senator lieberman saying its cyberwar and the cyberthreat is a clear and present danger. the same with senator collins. senator barbara, you can go down the list. they will all tell you they, too, are scared about the threat. mike mcconnell before his director of national intelligence warned that if instead of laying aircraft into buildings in new york -- flying aircraft into buildings in new york, the terrorists had directed a cyber attack at the largest banks in new york, the economic impact would have been 10 times worse than 9/11 actually was. this is not a theoretical threat. those of you who have had trouble accessing your banks, senator lieberman has pointed to the iranians as retaliating against the u.s. banks for the stuxnet attack that i will talk about momentarily. and our power grid. w
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
said towards the end of his speech that tonight, i see the face of the child. he lives in a city. he is black, or he is white. he is mexican, italian, polish, none of that matters to what matters is he is american. that child is more important than any politician's promise. he is american. he is a poet, scientist, a great teacher, a proud craftsmen. is everything we ever hope to be and everything we dare to dream to be. he sleeps the sleep of childhood, and he dreams the dreams of a child. and yet when he awakens, he awakens a nightmare of poverty and neglect. he fails in school. he ends up on welfare. for him, the american system is one that keeps his stomach and starts his soul. it breaks his heart. and in the end it may take his life. to millions, of children in this rich land, that is their prospect of the future. this is only part of the america i see. i see another child tonight. he years to train go by and he dreams of faraway places where he would like to go. it seems like an impossible dream. he is helped on his journey through life, a father who had to go to work record fin
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
the opportunity for massive migration from the countryside into the cities seeking employment and create a lot of instability in the country. so they want to keep growth up. bob's right that they have this fear of inflation for lots of reasons, historical, and they actually had serious inflation, and the inflation was in commodities that are a large part of the typical chinese person's budget, food and energy, much larger than here. so they're not happy with our extremely loose monetary policy. they feel it's exporting inpolice station to them -- inflation to them, etc. so that's an issue. but i do believe they're capable of acting quickly and filling the hole in the banks. that's a much harder thing. we didn't do that. the president had a proposal, secretary geithner in march of 2009, but it didn't go very far, so we've had a gradual recapitalization of banks. they've raised ability 300 billion in capital, although the assets have gotten more -- [inaudible] in bankings. recapitalized by fed policy basically implicitly taxing savers. >> let's talk about the fed and the world central banks for
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6